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Tailored project

Customized approach to finding leads in a niche online community market.

About the client
Computer Software
The challenge

Assisting AhoyConnect in a highly tailored project, focused on lead generation.

The outcome

Through effective collaboration and a deep understanding of the client’s niche, Epinote successfully delivered 3500 relevant leads.

The challenge

AhoyConnect offers a data intelligence platform specializing in online community analytics.

They approached Epinote for assistance with a highly specific task that encompassed lead generation across two main areas: industry influencers and industry channels (such as newsletters and podcasts).

Given the highly customized nature of this project, standardizing its requirements was a challenge. To ensure a high success rate, the Epinote team underwent adequate training, to enhance the ability to meet the project’s unique demands.

The solution

By outsourcing the lead generation needs to Epinote, the client saved significant time and resources. Our team delivered quality data, while AhoyConnect could focus on the core business operations.

The assignment involved researching applicable newsletters and podcasts in the client’s niche, then compiling a comparison list of the offerings, along with pricing for the paid ones.

Additionally, we needed to identify prominent industry influencers with a substantial following base, placing focus on those actively engaged in various relevant industry events (e.g., speakers at relevant conferences).

To kick off, Epinote focused on learning more about the requirements. We proposed an initiative to classify leads based on their relevance to the client’s objectives, knowing that without such a personalized approach, it would have been impossible to find the ideal leads.

To ensure successful delivery, we divided the project into smaller tasks and ranked data according to compliance with the guidelines. Due to the bespoke nature of the task, we were providing AhoyConnect with smaller batches of the results, to ensure the effectiveness of the process and the suitability of the outcomes.

The outcome

The customized approach by Epinote played a pivotal role in the successful completion of this project. The key aspect of the success was our in-depth exploration of the client’s niche area.

We invested considerable time in comprehending the topic, while actively collaborating with the client. This enabled us to pinpoint suitable leads for the client. Despite the highly specific requirements, Epinote successfully delivered 3500 quality leads for the client.


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