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Unia Europejska

Tailored Projects

Business Process Engineering
Leaders use Epinote to 10x their in-house efficiency with workflows designed from the ground up.
Trusted by startups and Fortune 500 brands:

High-impact workflows you never have time for

Leverage the power of Epinote process engineering. Launch dedicated workflows with digital jobs as well as on-the-ground projects. From data scraping all the way to street surveys.


Ever need to simply get more people involved? Tap into our community of skilled associates ready to become your interim team members.

  • Project support
  • Excel assignments
  • Proof-reading
  • Research
  • Personal assistance

Perfect blend of internship and concierge services, powered by university-grade talent.

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Perfect For Executives

Not all projects can be performed online. We cater to various needs requiring physical presence:

  • Store checks
  • Surveys
  • Mystery shopper
  • Offline data collection

Contact our team to discuss areas and deployment times.

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Perfect For: Country Managers
Web research

Data = growth. Add human oversight to your data collection efforts:

  • website research
  • social media monitoring
  • data scraping assistance
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Perfect For BI Analysts
Transcription & subtitles

Transcribe audio files and generate video subtitles in no time with superior quality. Forget misspellings and imperfect transcriptions. Our multilingual workforce is here to supercharge your creative process at scale.

  • word-to-word transcription
  • smart transcription – from audio to reader-ready written content
  • subtitles
  • topics tagging
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Perfect For Content Creators Podcast Publishers
Tailored Project

Build your workflow with our process engineers. Describe your goals and let us design a solution built on workforce, processes and purpose-built technology.

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Perfect for: Project Leaders
Limited in-house resources
Ad-hoc projects disrupt internal teams and force trading-off priorities.
A colorful, abstract illustration of an
Not enough manpower
  • Labor-intense projects lead to employee burnout.
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Expensive recruitment
  • Sourcing part-time workers requires cash and time investment by executives.
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Management overhead
  • Onboarding and quality checks distract managers from core responsibilities.
Workforce deployed with a click
Forget legacy outsourcing solutions. Epinote services fit seamlessly into existing workflows to make it seem like your team has just doubled in size.
Kick-off with a pilot
We believe in starting small. Every project starts with a test-run where we engineer the process, deploy associates and present the outcomes in a matter of days.
  • #1 Kick-off with Epinote team to discuss your needs
  • #2 Instructions created and dispatched to skill-matched associates
  • #3 Team runs and bullet-proofs the workflow
  • #4 You get the results
A photo depicting a table with multiple electronic devices, laptops, tablets, phones. There are people sitting at the table but they're faces are not visible. Visualises groupwork.
Iterate to maximize value
Your workflows are constantly reviewed, optimized and perfected to ensure accuracy and decrease cost. We champion iterative loops and conversational feedback—be it on Slack, Notion or other, we work where you work to ensure next-gen client service.
  • #1 Scale, pause or postpone processes with a click
  • #2 Tweak instructions and rules according to current needs
  • #3 Get proactive ideas and insights from Epinote Project Managers
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Scale when needed
Add or decrease the amount of work as needed. Our SLAs guarantee covering specific volumes to ensure your projects are delivered on time regardless of:
  • #1 Spikes in service demand
  • #2 Business seasonality
  • #3 Strategy pivots
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Your taskforce for the most challenging projects


What you will love us for ❤️

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Top quality
Highest quality guarantee with no compromises. Thorough QA is our standard.
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Proactive client service
Dedicated account manager to guide you from project set up to completion.
Outline of a pie chart with four segments and a starburst highlight, indicating statistical data, analysis, or report insights.
Cost efficiency
Processes engineering, automation, efficient workforce: our recipe for your cost optimisation.
Line drawing of a clock showing a time of twenty past noon, commonly used to represent time, punctuality, or deadlines.
Complex projects set up in days, easy tasks delivered even in 24 hours.

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Boosting customer experience with on-the-ground data collection campaigns.
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