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Real-time support
For data teams driven by quality. All data preparation services needed to build the future of AI, today.
Trusted by top AI, ML and computer vision companies:

Scalable data preparation platform

The ultimate toolkit for data teams. Collect, clean, transform, and annotate your data. Tap into our purpose-built community of analysts, multi-layer QA, and years of know-how.

Data annotation

Quality data annotation of:

  • image
  • video
  • text
  • audio

Our annotation experts powered by cutting-edge tech and tailored QA workflows enable to process large volumes of data and slash deployment times.

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Perfect for: Data Scientists ML Product Owners Data Engineers
Real-time AI support

Give your AI superpowers with real-time human assistance.

  • Response time SLA
  • 24/7 support
  • Specific timezone coverage
  • Custom-built automation

Push your products to market earlier and ensure success with our humans-in-the-loop.

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Perfect For QA Engineers Data Engineers Data Scientists
Data structuring

Say goodbye to cluttered, unstructured data. Get to ground truth faster with context-sensitive analysts trained to clean and arrange your datasets.

  • Data validation
  • Database cleanups
  • Segmentation
  • Import/upload preparation
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Perfect For: BI Analysts Data Scientists
Tailored data projects

Leverage our experience gathered working with leading AI companies. Epinote combines domain knowledge with a large community of skilled analysts. Take your data to the next level.

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Perfect For Data Scientists Data Engineers
Data preparation challenges
Fragmented industry facing quality issues across the board.
Pursuit of quality
  • 96% of AI/ML companies list data quality as their main problem.
Time consumption
  • 53% of data scientists’ time is spent on data preparation.
Blocked deployments
  • 85% of AI projects don’t make it to production stage.
Quality-first data partner
In-house team of experts building a community of annotation champions.
Kick-off with a pilot
We believe in starting small. Every project starts with a test-run where we learn the datasets, deploy analysts and present the outcomes in a matter of days.
  • #1 Kick-off with Epinote team to discuss your needs
  • #2 Instructions created and dispatched to skill-matched associates
  • #3 Dataset processed and checked for edge-cases
  • #4 You get the results
Iterate to maximize value
Instructions are constantly reviewed, optimized and perfected to ensure accuracy and decrease cost. We champion iterative loops and conversational feedback—be it on Slack, Notion or other, we work where you work to ensure next-gen client service.
  • #1 Test data and update instructions on the go
  • #2 Adjust dataset volume to your needs
  • #3 Get proactive ideas and insights from Epinote Project Managers
Scale when needed
Add or decrease the amount of data as needed. Our SLAs guarantee covering specific volumes to ensure your projects are delivered on time regardless of:
  • #1 Spikes in service demand
  • #2 Change in types of data
  • #3 Release deadlines

Revamp your models with high-quality data preparation


What you will love us for ❤️

Top quality
Highest quality guarantee with no compromises. Thorough QA is our standard.
Data expertise
Project managers and analysts battle-tested in multiple AI projects.
Cost efficiency
Processes engineering, automation, efficient workforce: our recipe for your cost optimisation.
Iteration loops
Leveraging feedback to constantly perfect the project scope.

Featured success story

Data annotation for AI supporting sustainable aquaculture.
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