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Customer Support
Free your sales and support teams to work on customer interactions. Empower marketing to focus on creating value. Let your team focus on winning.
Trusted by fast-growing startups and scale-ups:

High-impact workflows you just don’t have time for

Give your teams the competitive edge with data and support needed to conquer the market. Plug Epinote into your workflows and let us do the heavy lifting.

Lead Generation

Set your ICP criteria, sit back and relax. Our combination of tech & workforce will make sure your database is always full of verified prospects. Services include:

  • Lead search
  • Data enrichment
  • Data validation
  • Prospect activity monitoring
  • CRM management
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Perfect for: Sales Development Outbound Sales Data Scientists
Competition Research

Want to know what the competitors are up to? Our research solutions allow to monitor:

  • Prices
  • Products
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales tactics

…and more. Used by management teams for strategy planning and go-to-market leaders for real time intelligence on competition.

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Perfect For Marketing Inbound Sales E-commerce
CMS Entries

Need to upload and manage thousands of SKUs into e-commerce stores and marketplaces? Blend automation with human intelligence to push compelling products on to the market faster. Cut hundreds of hours spent on platform management tasks:

  • Product uploads
  • Description checks
  • Product indexing
  • QA
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Perfect For: E-commerce Marketing
Customer Data Enrichment

Leverage human judgment in collecting and segmenting customer data. Fuel your GTM strategies with actionable insights into:

  • Industry types
  • Brand characteristics
  • Purchasing intent
  • Sentiment analysis
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Perfect For Sales Marketing
Customer Calls

Need help answering calls or reaching out to customers? Extend your frontline teams with Epinote associates ready to follow call scripts in multiple languages:

  • Customer surveys
  • Inbound qualification calls
  • User interviews
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Perfect For Customer Support Sales

From booking discovery calls to generating opportunities for SEO partnerships—we support a wide range of outreach processes. Let your in-house experts focus on meaningful conversations powered by targeted campaigns:

  • Cold-mailing
  • LinkedIn prospecting
  • Cold-calling
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Perfect For Sales Marketing
Custom Workflows

Need to expand your team capacity overnight? We can support virtually any workflow you might need thanks to process engineering and a large community of skilled associates. In a few simple steps we can set-up a custom solution, tailored to your needs:

  • Process breakdown
  • Associate training
  • Test-run
  • Launch
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Perfect For Sales Marketing Customer Support
Where GTM teams lose productivity
Labor-intense workflows distract business teams from mission-critical work.
A colorful illustration of a shopping cart in purple, yellow and pink. There's a white sparkle on top of the cart.
Non-selling activities
  • Average sales rep spends 74% of the time on non-revenue generating activities.
An illustration of a document in yellow and pink crossed over with a pink X symbol depicting a lack thereof or a wrong document.
Non-actionable data
  • Marketing and sales teams work on collecting and cleaning data rather than using it.
An abstract illustration of an eye in pink, white and black. The eye has two eye-lashes - one is yellow, the other one is purple, they're unnaturally big and thick.
Customer defocus
  • Administrative tasks distract teams from addressing customer needs.
Workforce deployed with a click
Forget legacy outsourcing solutions. Epinote services fit seamlessly into existing workflows to make it seem like your team has just doubled in size.
Kick-off with a pilot
We believe in starting small. Every project starts with a test-run where we engineer the process, deploy associates and present the outcomes in a matter of days.
  • #1 Kick-off with Epinote team to discuss your needs
  • #2 Instructions created and dispatched to skill-matched associates
  • #3 Team runs and bullet-proofs the workflow
  • #4 You get the results
A photo depicting a table with multiple electronic devices, laptops, tablets, phones. There are people sitting at the table but they're faces are not visible. Visualises groupwork.
Iterate to maximize value
Your workflows are constantly reviewed, optimized and perfected to ensure accuracy and decrease cost. We champion iterative loops and conversational feedback—be it on Slack, Notion or other, we work where you work to ensure next-gen client service.
  • #1 Scale, pause or postpone processes with a click
  • #2 Tweak instructions and rules according to current needs
  • #3 Get proactive ideas and insights from Epinote Project Managers
An artistic photo of a building during the night. The modern building is mostly made of glass that reflects purple, pink and blue colours of the night city.
Scale when needed
Add or decrease the amount of work as needed. Our SLAs guarantee covering specific volumes to ensure your projects are delivered on time regardless of:
  • #1 Spikes in service demand
  • #2 Business seasonality
  • #3 Strategy pivots
A photo of a person using a tablet. The face of the person is invisible, they have long hair and wear a purple sweater.

It’s like growing your team extra pairs of hands


What you will love us for ❤️

A simple line drawing of three sparkle or twinkle stars of different sizes, suggesting shimmer, shine, or cleanliness.
Top quality
Highest quality guarantee with no compromises. Thorough QA is our standard.
Outline of a heart with a circular highlight and a ribbon-like figure across it, indicating care, health, or affection.
Proactive client service
Dedicated account manager to guide you from project set up to completion.
Outline of a pie chart with four segments and a starburst highlight, indicating statistical data, analysis, or report insights.
Cost efficiency
Process engineering, automation, efficient workforce: our recipe for your cost optimisation.
Line drawing of a clock showing a time of twenty past noon, commonly used to represent time, punctuality, or deadlines.
Complex projects set up in days, easy tasks delivered even in 24 hours.

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Outreach campaign to reach hundreds of customers in peak sales season.
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