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Using Epinote to power an outreach campaign.

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About the client
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The challenge

Rapid-fire outreach to hundreds of customers with minimal lead time, right before Christmas. The goal—upsell products and collect feedback.

The outcome
  • Connected with 95% of contacts provided by Packhelp
  • Completed within a tight, holiday deadline
  • Real-time performance tracking throughout the delivery
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The challenge

Packhelp wanted to connect with its large customer base right before Christmas, the busiest time of the year for e-commerce.

Already working at full capacity, Packhelp decided to use Epinote to call hundreds of customers that their team could not reach on time. As a global brand, they needed to do it in 4 languages: English, Polish, German, and French.

The solution

Epinote held a kick-off meeting with Packhelp to learn more about the needs and requirements for the project. In one call we discussed the success criteria and deadlines.

The aim of this project was to call customers and discuss packaging needs to complete potential orders on time, with a focus on upselling. On top of that, Packhelp aimed to increase feedback loops with customers to perfect their services.

Within 2 days Epinote built a team of associates fluent in all 4 languages, trained and ready to fulfill the requirements up to the highest standard. Project leaders then set up tools, calling slots, and conversation scripts to maximize the success rate.

Given the short timeframe, top-notch communication was crucial for the project. Epinote decided to optimize progress tracking and built a project dashboard with live updates. Our project leader and the Packhelp team were able to monitor progress on an hourly basis and quickly iterate on calling times and communication scripts.

The outcome

Epinote exceeded expectations set by the client, by connecting with 95% of the contact list. This was accomplished with minimal effort on the part of Packhelp. All it took was providing instructions on how to approach the customers, what messaging to convey and which information to gather.

Instant set-up and execution of the project helped the client capture even more seasonal demand, without overloading the in-house teams at the company.


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