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Tailored project

Quality data collection across 5 European countries

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About the client
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The challenge

BCG reached out to Epinote for support with an international project, requiring to attend, precisely document, and photograph insurance and banking institutions across European Union.

The outcome

Epinote rapidly mobilized and effectively managed a team of skilled associates across 5 European countries, to collect the required data.

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The challenge

BCG, one of the most recognized management consulting firms worldwide, approached us for help with an international project. The requirements consisted of attending, meticulously documenting, and photographing various insurance and banking institutions across European Union, with locations spanning Brussels, Milan, Prague, Vienna, Wrocław, and Warsaw.

The key challenges were to:

  • Find and manage analysts in various locations to carry out the task
  • Control the quality and consistency of the collected data
  • Execute seamless cooperation and communication with the client

The solution

Epinote provided support during the planning phase and fully managed the execution of the project, without the need for operational involvement on the part of the client.

A team of skilled associates was assembled in 5 European countries, within just one week. We took care of appointing eligible team members abroad, leveraging our network of international associates, and recruiting additional analysts in locations where we did not have them already.

The multi-national team was managed by a project manager who coordinated the tasks in several locations simultaneously. The associates were provided with the necessary instructions to carry out the task successfully. The project’s progress was carefully monitored with regular updates and continued communication between the project manager and analysts as well as the client.

One of the requirements was to attend the buildings at set time slots, remotely coordinated by the project manager. The range of data to collect regarding the facilities included: sold product types, customer service structure, buildings condition, and information on client traffic.

Epinote project manager ensured the quality and consistency of the collected data and managed troubleshooting across the countries where we operated. Despite strict legal regulations abroad, Epinote was able to adjust and effectively operate the project to successfully deliver the task.

The outcome

Cooperating with Epinote meant no hassle for the client – there was only one reliable partner responsible for the project, managing the tasks and teams in multiple locations.

BCG received quality data from institutions based in all 5 countries, including detailed reports, completed questionnaires, and building photographs. The assignment was delivered to the highest standard and on time, while the results were quality checked and presented in an easy-to-read and analyze format.


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